A wild boar came for tea

There was once a Michelin chef who had a sister who lived in Italy. “We’ve been given some wild boar!”, she said. He replied “Delicious! Let me know how you cook it. What cut is it?”

“It’s just ‘some’ boar” she responded, and sent him these photos…

So, I feel I have ‘arrived’ in my life… You can’t buy wild boar (or cinghiale) in the supermarket over here. Although the national annual cull is massive and very much a way of life, here, it doesn’t mean it is a common meat. You can find it in restaurants in delicious stews and ragu with pasta and polenta but you have to know a hunter, to get it – or pay the butcher handsomely. 

Ours was gifted. This means more to me than you can realise! It was our woodman who gave it to us – so, yes, a good move on his part! But he didn’t have to and we had no idea it was coming.

And we still have no idea what ‘cuts’ we have, but we have 3kg of the stuff! We’re starting our odyssey with a traditional Ragu di Cinghiale which we will serve with fresh pasta…

Utterly delicious and as good as any restaurant! 

We think we may also have a boned shoulder and a boned leg… will keep you posted!

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