Moving on

It’s always tricky leaving a company at director level. What do you tell the staff? What do you tell the clients? What do you tell your contacts? Well, everyone needs a different story, really, in true strategic marketing style; a message tailored for each audience…

After four years of growing the business with Ben and Emma, it was important not to rock the boat as far as staff and clients were concerned. We had new and long standing batches of both who needed reassuring, but I needed to consider self-preservation, too.

We agreed to focus on my Italian Masterplan as the main reason for leaving – Recenseo clearly wasn’t the vehicle to make it happen, so I needed to move on. I needed to earn more money elsewhere – not an overly positive message for staff or clients –  so what we told them was tricky, as I may well have bumped into them if I ended up contracting locally. There was also, of course, a non-compete agreement with the company I’d committed to growing over the previous four years, so the nature of work I did was restricted.

For the last 9 months, I have kept a deliberately low profile to save Recenseo any discomfort but it has been to my detriment, as I’ve only kept in touch with a handful of close friends. A lot of my contacts are still in the dark about where I am and what I’m doing. Not ideal for a marketer with a new business on the horizon!

I’ve been working on a couple of contracts – briefly in London and also here on the south coast, whilst preparing numerous versions of business plans and proposals for various audiences who may – or may not- give us the investment we need to make the Masterplan happen.

Now we’re in 2018, and the end of March will see 12 months having passed since I left Recenseo, I need to try and recoup the lost contacts, built over the ten years I’ve been in the area.

Keeping in touch

Fioroni newsletter
Sharing our journey to Italy with you

I am starting an occasional, simple email newsletter, linked to this blog and I hope you’re happy to be included on the subscribers’ list. Some people, including clients, did ask to be kept updated, so I hope this suffices until we have our feet on terra firma in Italy – hopefully later this year…

Please contact us if you’d like to be included on the newsletter list.

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