Growing olive oil

Notes from my research on olive oil…

An average mature olive tree will produce about 20/30 kg of olives, form which you get between 11 and 13% return in oil.

A fratolio (mill/press) will normally accept a minimum of 2.5 quintale (1 quintale = 100kg)

The charge is in the region of €12 per quintale for crushing, pressing and supplying you with that delicious, peppery amber nectar. At this level, your oil is likely mixed with other’s

So, my sums calculate that:

10 trees = 250 kg of olives = 30kg of oil (30L) which would cost in the region of €30

What this doesn’t calculate is the HUGE amount of hard graft in nurturing your trees – and harvesting them! Kind of explains why decent olive oil in the UK starts at around £10 per bottle…


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