Exploring our surrounds

It was the countryside that drew us to this area, so my furry friend and I spent July and August exploring the hills, rivers and mountains nearby.

Never ones to hide in the shade, even sun worshippers like Jas and I needed a little respite from the 35c temperatures sometimes! So, trips into the mountains became the norm, where it was a good 5-6c cooler, or down to the cool water magnet of the Tiber River.

The beauty around here is breathtaking. The views, no matter how often we see them, never cease to achieve a gasp of awe and wonder. The landscapes are ideal for walkers, hikers, foragers, mountain bikers, and although we see others regularly, the scale of these mountains means there is plenty to go around! The hilly, sweeping roads attract a steady flow of locals and tourists as well – perfect for the intrepid road cyclist! There is even an annual October cycling event, the Intrepida, which offers a choice of 3 routes around the area, depending on your stamina and ability – the only challenge to really slow you down is the frequent gastronomic pit stops along the way. Yes, really!

Since we’ve been here, Jas and her ‘investigating feet’ have also found a more exciting pastime than chasing squirrels… chasing lizards! What larks!

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