Pole Position Property – Meraviglia

We have three properties we’re interested in and which could work for us as a business in different ways. However, Meraviglia is our favourite and we have put in an offer.

It offers the archetypal Tuscan villa on a hill with outstanding views, in a peaceful location not far from a small town with several excellent restaurants – an ideal property and situation for a boutique hotel.

The first gallery of images shows the exterior of the main house with its incredible views and location. The land includes an olive grove (with a good crop of olives this year!) and a vineyard which needs rejuvenating, plus woodland making up 7h in total.

The next gallery shows some of the interior of the main house, with its spacious, airy rooms. We envisage 7 large en suite bedrooms, a welcoming reception lounge, small library, large kitchen (for demonstrations), outside terrace for drinks, breakfast and dinner when sunny, and dining area for breakfast and dinner when cooler or raining:

The 2 stone outbuildings will make a further 4 guest rooms and a 2-bedroom suite, and the massive open barn that we have a vision for: a jacuzzi, sauna and steam room plus yoga studio…:

There are some original features in the property that we want to renovate and keep…

The next step

We are still interested in speaking to potential investors, as this is a dream and a plan that we know many of you would love to make happen yourself! So, perhaps you can be a part of this…

There are a few options for return we can offer for different levels of investment, depending on how involved you might want to be, from a crowd-funding arrangement to a higher level shareholding – all above board, of course! We’d be delighted to chat through some of the options with you.

At this point, we’re taking expressions of interest, so please let me know if you’re interested to have a chat about how you can get involved.

One comment

  1. This looks so very exciting and I am travelling abroad vicariously through seeing your photos and reading of your progress. I look forward to seeing how it all goes!


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